The source for labor market and demographic information

Arizona State Demographer's Office

The State Demographer's Office is the official source of Arizona's demographic information, including the latest census data, population estimates, and population projections.

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Population estimates are published once a year near the end of the calendar year for the State, Counties, and Incorporated Places.

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Population projections are published for the State and Counties in years ending with 2, 5, and 8. Population projections for sub-county areas are released in the years immediately following the publication of state and county projections.

State Data Center link to page

The State Data Center program coordinates an Arizona network of U.S. Census Bureau data users, provides training and technical assistance to them, and provides a mechanism for feedback to the Census Bureau.

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The State Demographer's Office processes and analyzes Census data and publishes them in formats that best meet the needs of data users.

Geodata Catalog link to page

A collection of ESRI Shapefiles and OGC KML files in addition to PDF maps.