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Population Projections


To maintain a sound accurate population growth model consistent with sound demographic projection principles for counties and jurisdictions within Arizona and the state as a whole.


To provide reliable unbiased projections of future population growth and a single state repository for current population references enabling sound planning and decision making by government and private entities.

Data Tables


In addition to the baseline projections (the medium series), a low series and a high series were also produced using alternative assumptions.

Summary Tables

Projected total population for each year between 2012 and 2050 for the state, each county, the Phoenix Metro Area, the Tucson Metro Area, and Balance of State:

  • Low Series           XLSX
  • Medium Series  XLSX
  • High Series          XLSX

Detail Tables

Projected total population,components of population change,population by sex and age group,population by sex and single year of age for age group 19 and younger,population by race and Hispanic orgin:

Geography Low Series Medium Series High Series
Arizona      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Apache      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Cochise      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Cococnino      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Gila      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Graham      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Greenlee      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
La Paz      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Maricopa      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Mohave      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Navajo      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Pima      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Pinal      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Santa Cruz      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Yavapai      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX
Yuma      XLSX          XLSX      XLSX

Download all tables in a zip file ZIP

Note:Corrections were made to TABLE 3 of all geographies on March 28, 2014. Previously, the "Male" and "Female" labels were reversed.


Sub-county projections were produced in accordance with the official medium series county population projections. Annual projections are available for all incorporated places and unincorporated balances of county in Arizona. For most counties, projections are also available for Indian reservations and census designated places with a Census 2010 population of 500 or more. Population projections and methodology statements for Gila, Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal counties were produced by their respective regional councils of governments. Additional information for these counties can be found in the Projections Related Links .Projections for Gila, Maricopa, and Pinal counties are available for 2013-2040, and the remaining counties have projections for 2013-2050.

Summary Tables

Projected total population for each year in the projection horizon for incorporated places, unincorporated balances of county, Indian reservations, and select census designated places:

Apache:         XLSX
Cochise:       XLSX
Coconino:     XLSX
Gila:               PDF
Graham:        XLSX
Greenlee:     XLSX
La Paz:          XLSX
    Incorporated places:             PDF
    Municipal Planning Areas:     PDF
Mohave:       XLSX
Navajo:         XLSX
    Incorporated places:     XLSX
    CDPs:                           XLSX
Pinal:             PDF
Santa Cruz:  XLSX
Yavapai:        XLSX
Yuma:            XLSX

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Projections Methodology

2012 State & County Projections Methodology PDF

2013 Sub-County Projections Methodology
  Gila & Pinal PDF
    Incorporated places PDF
    Municipal Planning Areas PDF
  Pima PDF
  Other Counties PDF